Regular pruning is your most effective form of tree maintenance.


Pruning may be required for a number of reasons:

  • To remove branches that are diseased or damaged.
  • For aesthetic purposes.
  • To trim the height of the tree.
  • To improve light penetration and air circulation by thinning the tree out.




Removing the lower branches of a shrub or tree, for example, creates light and space for under planting and can also reveal other features in your garden. 


You can create focal points in your garden by thinning to add character to a formless tree or shrub. Thinning will highlight the branch structure and allow in more light.


Proper technique is essential. Our arborists are skilled in the latest tree care techniques; they know how to use the correct pruning cuts to avoid damage to your trees.


But wait there’s much more….


We are on time, very tidy and very efficient – our team work extra hard so your job is done efficiently in the designated time frame with minimal disruption to you. We guarantee your property will be left in tidy condition. In the rare event there is a hiccup and we are running late we will always phone and let you know what time we'll be there - and if we are going to be early we will also ring and to make sure that suits

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