Arboricultural Consultations


Arboriculture is the comprehensive care, management and mantainence of trees in parks, reserves, streets and residential gardens. 


Beaver Tree's Aboricuture consultants will visit your site to give an objective evaluation of the needs and conditions of your trees, shrubs or hedges. They will develop a plan and budget based on their professional recommendations. 


Our arborists can advise on tree maintenance including tree topping, thinning, shaping and pruning to improve the health and athsetics of your trees. We can identify the cause of damaged or unhealthy trees and assist with cable bracing and propping of unstable trees. We also provide specialist advice on the selection of species for your planting projects, large or small.



In addition to tree heath our specalists can identify and evaluate potentially hazardous trees that may damage property or injure people.


The safety of any tree is the responsibility of the property owner. Our professionals can advise on managing these possible risks.

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