Plants that Tolerate Dry Sites

Tree Tips

Buxus Sempervirens (Common Box) Broadly conical, evergreen. Popular shrub for clipped hedges & topiary. Tolerates alkaline soils. Tolerates shade. Grows to 1-2m

Querus Prinus (Chestnut Oak) Broadly conical, straight trunk, deciduous. Tolerates dry sandy and gravelly soils. Little troubled by diseases or insects. Deeply and coarsely furrowed bark rich in tannins. Rare in NZ. Grows to 15-24m.

Dodonaea Viscose (Green NZ Ake Ake) Broadly spreading, evergreen. Tough shelter shrub for exposed and coastal conditions. Wood is hard and black, streaked with white. Attractive berries, fruits or cone. Grows to 3.6m.

Pinus Canariensis (Canary Island Pine) Narrowly conical, broadening with age, evergreen. Suited to drier, hotter parts of NZ. Tolerant of exposure – a landscape feature. Can survive fire. Resinous heartwood. Grows to 20-30m.

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