Tree Shaping


When good trees go bad!!! Have your trees gone out of control blocking a spectacular view or valuable winter sun!


Shrubs and trees  grow out of shape for a variety of reasons, including incorrect planting  underestimating their eventual size, poor pruning, inadequate sunlight  or disease. They may grow too tall or round or lopsided.  


Reduce overall size and height of your trees with our specalist Tree Topping Service and use our Shapping /Trimming Service to return unsightly trees and shrubs their natural form and best appearance. Because every situation is unique call our consultants for an assesment to effectively deal with your problem trees.  


When significant dieback has been caused by incorrect pruning and topping or disease you can rejuvenate fresh green foliage to your trees and shrubs using our specalist Pruning Service. Alternatively, if your tree health is so badly deteriorated use our Tree Removal and Planting Services for a new start.   


In providing our services our qualified staff won't randomly hack your trees and shrubs but leave them in optimum health with good advice for their ongoing care.

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